And Now, Something Completely Different…..UBI


Universal Basic Income: Bankers Way For Everybody Else…

Since 1971, when the dollar has been denied backing of gold, the quantity of dollars has miraculously multiplied by over 21 times.  On these free-flowing rivers of printed money, savings not needed any more,  immense sea of credit has been created floating an economy where there is no need to produce anything material, just the promise of future profits is enough to become wealthy.  The wealth of the top asset owners rises ever higher on waves in the sea of credit but its waves are not lifting all boats equally.  The pedestrian Main Street living off the material world has been hurt and now clamours for its own wave on the sea of credit.  here comes, the tsunami on the sea of credit: Universal Basic Income!

The plan was semi-rational at the beginning : as long as the goings are good let pour more rivers into the sea.  Soon the sea claimed the land on which grew the reasons for Main Street wealth in developed countries.  With each season passing, ever-increasing in size and scope storms hit the land and wash away Main Streets assets to the sea.  Now, the generation who grew up not seeing anything else but the sea swelling wants to claim some of its fruits.

The bankers are truly seafaring people, they live by it and die by it.  The sea is the element most prone to turn against those who live off it.  UBI tsunami might strip the land barren of any wealth left to Main Street and when it returns to the sea it might sink  almost all these seafarers.  Water, water everywhere and nothing to drink!

When in the olden days seafarers lunched an expedition where the maps color was still white they carried with them gold and silver because beyond the seas people always accepted them, at least it has been this for five thousand years.

Just don’t, It isn’t worth it!

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