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Sigma Receptors and Cancer

Boy! Was I wrong!  The SIGMAR1 receptor molecule had already a 3D model! Let us not dwell on my ignorance, because there is much to see here and not much contributing to my pride as a sort of pundit (lol).

Indeed, I have puzzled and at the same time not given much weight to the fact that some drugs acting on SIGMAR1 had anything to do with cancer.  After reading the reference the connection became clearer.  As an investor (at one or other time) with some Stem Cell and Cancer companies (slowly gathering knowledge on buzzword level) I view the cellular environment in embryonic developement and cancer runaway growth as similar on the grounds of greatly increased rate of synthesis of proteins in Endoplasmic Reticulum where most of SIGMAR1 receptors are expressed (1/2 of all protein synthesized).

Here, I have to pose to remark that my ideas are amateurish.  I think that looking at SIGMAR1 as just stress response mechanism deep down might be incomplete.  At lower level SIGMAR1 might be a way for cells to “improve quality” of protein synthesis at moments the cell needs to secret or produce large quantity thereof, when under “normal” conditions this is not warranted.

The 3D molecular model of SIGMAR1 does not determine a very specific configuration of ligand to turn it either way.  The reference talked about a varied class of compounds possibly with different affinity and effect working with the receptor.  No wonder that so many SIGMAR1 drugs failed. Serendipity required here for drugs success.

I think many of us heard about the old mice rejuvenating after transfusion of blood from young (still growing) mice.  The researchers in Stem Cells have tried and succeeded to isolate compounds which reactivate the “youth environment” in more mature cells.  Who knows maybe SIGMAR1& 2  might be involved here.

That is so much I remember at first reading of this reference.  Since due to my problems with memory I suggest you read on your own. It would be great to start discussing this thread with people who can see more than just few basic aspects of cancer connection and SIGMAR1 & 2.  Discussion always sharpens senses and every person notices different aspects of reality which others omit.

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