Our dependence​ on Microbiota

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Breast Milk

Quite some long time ago I could not help but hear about the connection between mother’s milk feeding children and the future increase in IQ.  This might at first direct us toward nutrients in the milk but it might be much more complex and done through an intermediary – microbiota.

So some time ago I ran into a post on youtube telling the story of mother’s body producing sugar-related compounds that might are not digestible by the children themselves but a specific type of bacteria.  On further research, it was revealed that the bacteria created a beneficial film on the gut’s wall.  This is a textbook case of symbiosis where one organism feeds another to obtain benefits of the other physiology.

Your gut wall is the very peculiar organ of your body.  It has a special immune status which makes among others hard to treat colon cancer, not only this but have you lately had diarrhea?  It is constantly growing and shedding cells and does all that heavy lifting as the most important barrier in your body by being somewhat selective in transporting chemicals into the bloodstream.  Just to give an example: The Brasilian Indians use a toxin called curara which upon getting into bloodstream paralyzes victim ( muscles relaxant ) .  These people use this to hunt for animal and then eat them right away, and this is only possible due to the fact that as long as your gut doesn’t bleed internally the poison will not be absorbed by your gut.  One intelligent and selective barrier.

See this link 

I don’t know whether this is the exact same study but the conclusions are very similar.

Your brain is having a special relationship with the immune system, I guess no need to mention the gut.  If indeed the physiology of the microbiota creates compounds beneficial to the selective barrier such as gut wouldn’t it be possible for these compounds via the bloodstream to affect Brain Blood Barrier? Or even further, wouldn’t the same bacteria migrate to the BBB?

The two families of bacteria identified by AVXL were (I would prefer the word, here) correlated with patients with improved ADCS-ADL score at week 148.  Now, the question is did they get there because the patients improved or did the patients improved due to the bacteria, among others.

These questions are to be answered next, so hold your breath because however long it takes it is sure exciting and rewarding to be $AVXL stockholder.


Now, I must say that I am going on vacations. I shall be there till 7/26/2019.  Upon return from my vacations on 7/28/2019 I let you know if I will be able to write in this blog any more.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank everybody who ever looked at these posts from a person with partial mental disability and penchant for making audacious, or maybe uneducated guesses and prediction.  I hope that this very bullish view on ANAVEX 2-73 will pan out and many of us will benefit, not only shareholders.  It is indeed a great ego trip to have so many viewers, not to mention the inebriation due to 2 beers worth of donation.  Thanks for views and prayers.






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