Socialism in America, or rather what it really means …

The Sentiment

48% of polled people in the United States maintain that socialism is not a bad thing. But what do they really mean? let’s first look a present and past of socio-economic systems.

So…   Democracy (today USA): from top to bottom

The Super Rich (no publicity)



Political Class

Wage Earners


Fascism: (socialism with limited private property)

Political Class

Bankers, Entrepreneurs



Socialism (USRR):

Political Class




From Democracy to Socialism (USRR) the society becomes to be run by a political class which is in a democracy subservient to those who have means (truely only).  Also with this progression society becomes less complex (less moving parts and suffers the loss of dynamism)

What people in the US mean by socialism?  Certainly, not this.  Wage-earners due to the cost of living increase suffers the debilitating loss of purchasing power.  Chapwood Index (Cost of Living) Just look at your cost of education and healthcare.  People want their government to pay for their expenses, that is what they mean by Socialism!


What about Rich, Bankers, and Entrepreneurs?

The economy is overwhelmed with debt and might soon collapse under its weight. Currently, even the increased debt creation can not produce growth anymore.  The utility of debt is declining.  You can borrow more but you get nowhere with growth.

American Big Business is in process of self-liquidation by share buybacks to enrich insiders at the cost of equity holders.  This money does not go into investments in businesses.  The other thing is that these businesses do not invest to reach new efficiencies and the only way left to efficiency is through cost-cutting, which is making the quality of their products eventually lower.  In the end, they can not compete globally anymore.

How can you change the structure of society without revolution or devastating war?

Declare an emergency or solution to a problem you first created.  Climate Change, New Green Deal, Modern Monetary Theory.

Modern Monetary Theory:  The total debt in the USA to GDP has risen from 150% to 350% and you get almost no growth with every dollar more of debt.  The solution is to create enough money (without creating debt, as was done till now) to bring this ratio closer toward 150%.  Roadkill: Middle Class.

Climate Change: The biggest corporation in the USA has not invested in production for years, its management preferred to buyback shares (even with borrowed money).  On another hand,  they were pressed by free-market (whatever is left of it)  to seek efficiencies but their response was not to invest but cost-cutting.  Now, they are debt-burdened and cost-cut themselves off global competency.  There is only the government who can invest in them and “make them whole again” because they are spent.  Climate Change is to be used for the public to accept to live in a much simplified and poorer “command and control” economy.

However, I love my new country I realized that its elite lost the game for global domination.  The “building” China project (industrialization of China at the cost of the USA) was just a ultimately take control of China economically and politically, Russia was supposed to be done for it long ago.  China is now closed to the elite meddling behind the Great Communist Party China Wall.

Besides the elite’s game might be inadvertently driving the USA toward a society where the political class is going take over the country and drive the elite to extinction or subservience.  The industrial and scientific production has brought the increased production and creation of the modern middle class in the West.  The elite turned from industrial (production) to banking (credit creation as the most important activity in the economy).  The bankers deal with the idea of money.  This abstract has no borders. cultures and is made increasingly malleable.  Their consciousness was taken over by the qualities of this abstract idea as the model for the New World Order.  The elite will be brought down by the elite mistaking the money markets with their games for the material, biological and historical reality.

The causality is The Western Middle Class and the Western Culture.

Russia has been named since long time ago as the Third Rome ( after Rome, and Constantinople), who knows in this might be something of a harbinger.






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