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Whatever you do don’t trade on this blog!  I have been proven wrong before!


I have read through the whole article on my sleepless night.  Staying in focus really hurts but I somehow managed to get to the end. The link to the paper is here:

Paper on AD hypothesis

Great paper listing some AD theories I have never heard of.  It really increased my horizon on AD.  I bet I will have to reread it a few time to absorb the content.  I recommend reading it.

Among many clearly described theories, there was one fact about fluoxetine (Prozac) and the fact that it affects more positively women than men.  Another supporting fact was that women are more frequently victims of AD and dementia than men.  This can be found in the few last paragraphs of the paper.

At one point in time, I explored this phenomenon but I think I never wrote about it here (forgive my memory lapse if I did).  When ANAVEX 2-73 was tested in Tg2576 mice there was a distinct difference between sexes.  From the biological viewpoint the sexes differ in the ability of females to carry a fetus i.e. genetically distinct organisms in its system.  Another observation; the incidence of autoimmune diseases in women is greater than in men.

Tg2576 Male

Tg2576/Water i.e. impaired male mice did not reduce much their swimming time with trials and their improvement was marginally better with ANAVEX2-73 relative to “healthy” Wild Type/Water mice. The improvement of males for Tg2576/A2-73 is 50 points on a scale of 90 points.  This happens with quite higher dispersion vs. females.

Tg2576 Female

The Tg2576/Water female mice learned much better than the males, with about three times greater improvement (10 points vs. 30 points (females) out of 90).  The improvement of Tg2576/A2-73 females is 60 points on a scale of 90 points.

The pattern is interesting to note and remember. It seems that ANAVEX 2-73 behaves like other active CNS drugs.  Just another reason to like ANAVEX 2-73.


Writing here comes to me with some difficulties and things change on a daily basis so once in a while I have an idea for an article but I feel I always fail with putting this into words.  I can not regularly write but I thank all who read this.

Looking at The Whompy Wheel. $TSLA $TSLAQ

I am a mechanical engineer, and if I am going to look at the Whompy Wheel thing it is through the prism of what I know about designing mechanisms so prepare to meet some wonkish explanations on way out.

Firstly, let’s look at the way Tesla cuts cost.

Tesla Rear link One.jpeg

The dirty part is what was initially used in rear suspension assembly, the second clean part is the replacement.  When an engineer looks at the early part he sees that it was extruded and then sliced (sawed-off) to thickness.  This is as cheap as it can get in manufacturing.  Extruded parts are the most inexpensive to manufacture.  The part has multiple cavities in part to keep the wall thickness constant (as nearly as possible) and/or to lower the weight of the part.  When you are in engineering school they tell you that if you apply load to a part imagine that stress flows through the part as if it would be liquid. Any sudden change of direction, cross-section or sharp corner creates stress concentration.  Stress concentration is a condition where stress and the possibility of failure is larger than just the stress obtained by dividing the force by cross-section area (average stress at the point) would imply.  The replacement part seems to be nonplanar, it is probably die-cast or even forged so it seems that the initial part (which is in one plane only) uses rubber to adjust to the 3D mechanism, though this could be just optical illusion on my part.  The consequences of the using rubber at the pivot points was simply explained by the gentleman who had commented when posting the picture.  The new part seems to be a better design by shape and load-carrying capacity. It is plain from this example that Tesla’s philosophy of design is to shoot for cost-cutting as the primary goal in design and then leave the questions of reliability to be answered later.  

Another picture tells another 1000 words.


teskla drive two.jpeg


This is rear axle assembly I think from Model X.  We can identify here two links, most likely extruded, which failed. On first look, Tesla uses cast or die-cast parts for structural elements and some links in the suspension mechanism.  Cast or Die cast parts hold the punch of being inexpensive to manufacture relative to multiple features and complex shapes they can have built-in them.  The rub is the properties of materials as they are cast.  When you melt metals atmospheric gases and other inclusions (oxides) dissolve in the molten metal and when cooled they form bubbles and flaws in solid parts. Also varying rates of cooling build in stresses in parts. These problems are inherent in the process of casting.  In general, these cast materials are more brittle than materials processed by forging, cold-rolling and machining.  From the picture, I have the impression that the materials are probably alloys of aluminum.  Since aluminum alloys are 3 times more elastic than steel and 1/3 strength of steel designer has to create beefier parts ( more involved than this alone).  The danger of more brittle materials in suspension is that these materials are more likely to catastrophically fail (Whompy Wheel) then forged, cold-rolled or machined components, and without warning due to susceptibility to form cracks (leading to failures) because of inherent flaws, surface corrosion, fatigue (repetitive loading), shock loading (impact) and stress concentrations.

The first exhibit points to a tendency to place cost-cutting as the primary objective in taking design decisions.  As properties of cast materials can be improved by additional processing (but not entirely ameliorated) this adds up quickly to higher price of components.  For the explanation of the Whompy Wheel phenomenon, the adoption of cast parts for suspension design as a cost-cutting measure can be seen as the simplest one leaving other aspects of the design sound, though the extruded links seem to fail as they are indeed the weakest links.


$TSLA and the Battle of the Titans

Do not trade on the views expressed in this post. I am a veritable idiot and have been wrong time and time again.

Let’s start with history, but let us not be too specific.  In the XIX century in the US the country was practically on the bimetallic monetary standard.  Gold and silver coexisted peacefully like fish and men accordingly to W.  Yet soon the powers in New York favored gold because it was closer to its interests and powers in the West of the country wanted “more money” so it looked up to silver as a helping hand in its desires.  Ultimately, it was the New York bankers who had the upper hand and the US fell under the spell of the gold standard over which the bankers of New York and London had control.

Rewind forward.  It is 2019, and a man who controls access to 2.5 billion people, at least “on paper”, wants to issue his own proto-money (just wait..).  Just like more than 100 years ago he lives out west, in Silicon Valley.  No doubt that the elites have two centers to gravitate to. New York with its banks controlling the flow of credit and paper money and the Silicon Valley being “the one and only future of the country” (since manufacturing has long departed).  The Valley is indeed a customer of the dollops of credit and cash funneled through New York, but, but it has its manifest destiny looming in front of its elite, calling on it to dare and create a brave new world (just f*_k the Deplorables deprived of their manufacturing jobs).  A man called Zuch has bit the hand, which feeds him and New York has taken notice.

The long-standing ambition of Elon Musk was to associate the word “disruptive” to making steel, copper, rubber, and glass into a car, sans common sense.  We will not dwell on this but it suffices to say that history has intervened and Elon might be the first casualty of the fight between banking interest and primary mover and shakers of the manifest destiny of Silicon Valley.

The name of the game is “the fight for minds and hearts of the Deplorables” who still think in terms of morality.  This quality is not “necessary” among the very rich and very poor but makes the core of being Middle Class in the US.

For a description of the state of justice in courts of SDNY district, I suggest blog entries in regards to Jefferey Epstein by Martin Armstrong at armstrongeconomics.com

Please, read before going any further

Main points:

Jefferey Epstein was a nice guy, only misunderstood (after all “loving” adolescent girls were OK in antiquity (slavery was then OK too(irony))), pining for companionship. Oh, what a tragedy of “almost decent” man!

Now enter Elon Musk, “the weasel man” trying to use Jefferey’s help to get out of a bind then denying Jeffrey (probably, three times before sunrise),

Oh, look, there is Zuch,

Now, the main course:  ah, those immoral Silicon Valley types; drugs, sex, and alcohol. No, no, Jeffery never abuses drugs and alcohol (as close as it gets to Mother Theresa for Jeffery).

Even if I am wrong by a country mile I hope this was fun to just think about it.

President Trump has a completely different set of options in front of himself than any other president before him.  Democracy (whatever we mean by it) exists in the US only because those in power had never been under the threat of being destroyed after the transition of power to a new administration.  President Trump needs allies and a victory.

Up to this moment, there was peace between the New York bankers and the Silicon Valley, or I am deadly wrong because I do not dwell with the elites.  If I read right the omens it might get really interesting just like in Chinese curse: “let you live in interesting times”.