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I have read through the whole article on my sleepless night.  Staying in focus really hurts but I somehow managed to get to the end. The link to the paper is here:

Paper on AD hypothesis

Great paper listing some AD theories I have never heard of.  It really increased my horizon on AD.  I bet I will have to reread it a few time to absorb the content.  I recommend reading it.

Among many clearly described theories, there was one fact about fluoxetine (Prozac) and the fact that it affects more positively women than men.  Another supporting fact was that women are more frequently victims of AD and dementia than men.  This can be found in the few last paragraphs of the paper.

At one point in time, I explored this phenomenon but I think I never wrote about it here (forgive my memory lapse if I did).  When ANAVEX 2-73 was tested in Tg2576 mice there was a distinct difference between sexes.  From the biological viewpoint the sexes differ in the ability of females to carry a fetus i.e. genetically distinct organisms in its system.  Another observation; the incidence of autoimmune diseases in women is greater than in men.

Tg2576 Male

Tg2576/Water i.e. impaired male mice did not reduce much their swimming time with trials and their improvement was marginally better with ANAVEX2-73 relative to “healthy” Wild Type/Water mice. The improvement of males for Tg2576/A2-73 is 50 points on a scale of 90 points.  This happens with quite higher dispersion vs. females.

Tg2576 Female

The Tg2576/Water female mice learned much better than the males, with about three times greater improvement (10 points vs. 30 points (females) out of 90).  The improvement of Tg2576/A2-73 females is 60 points on a scale of 90 points.

The pattern is interesting to note and remember. It seems that ANAVEX 2-73 behaves like other active CNS drugs.  Just another reason to like ANAVEX 2-73.


Writing here comes to me with some difficulties and things change on a daily basis so once in a while I have an idea for an article but I feel I always fail with putting this into words.  I can not regularly write but I thank all who read this.

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