New guy on the block … Oligomannate…off the boat from China. $AVXL

So $AVXL slowly but surely prepares the ground for acceptance of Anavex 2-73 as the drug for Alzheimer’s.  Yet, as this takes more than just 18 months and our expectations that everybody and their aunt would be buying $AVXL stock are alway premature, we fear that somewhere out of the left-field a wonderdrug would kill our golden goose.  The CATD 2019 presentations by $AVXL point to campaign to prove the Anavex 2-73 be a drug acting across numbers of paradigms of Alzheimer’s disease.  The model of the disease readers of this blog should have; progresses from dislocation of homeostasis to plaque deposits and then towards inflammation wrecking the final havoc on the brain tissue.  FDA has accepted the plaque to be the only biomarker in AD. Since the etiology of AD is largely unknown as nothing is definitively established to be the canon. The plaque came as close as it can get to be the canon as the publicized clinical trials by the likes of BIIB imply and their failures to deny it.

The triad of homeostasis, plaque and inflammation is translated in a myriad of papers looking for interactions between few compounds amoung at least hundreds of others, known and unknown.  Each paper can advance this picture of triad closer to acceptance or upend it.

A Chinese company is about to market drug which is derived from Brown Alge, and they claim it is just a complex sugar.  Many species of alge excrete compounds controlling bacterial films living on their bodies.  The piece of information in the article hints at suppressing a strain of bacteria in the human gut, hence the benefit of lowered systemic inflammation is bestowed on Alzheimer’s sufferers.  I have heard of mother’s milk containing sugar undigestable by humans but a perfect food for a strain of bacteria that produces a beneficial film on the baby’s gut wall.  It might be the case that the sugar in question does not suppress but just feeds a strain of bacteria which then outbreeds others in patients’ guts.

There might be two concepts on the role of biome in your gut.  Either by bacteria produce compounds that get to bloodstream and end up in the brain, or by lowering indirectly inflammation by building a beneficial bacterial film on the intestine wall which also affects the inflammation at the brain.

In case of Oligomannate the connection between gut biome and slowing of AD disease progression is direct and proven.  Yet the mechanism of action is unknown.

How competetive is Oligomannate to Anavex2-73?  The n=818 but no information on arms is given.  The other is that the effects are seen in just 4 weeks and that benefits are better than drugs of the type of Donezepil.  Hard to say.

see article Oligomannate article.

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