The Virtue-Signaling Soul Leaving the Body of $TSLA Cars. $TSLAQ

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What remains of demand for $TSLA Model 3 after the rush of virtue signaling subsides?  The answer is the organic demand, scratch a bit deeper, not much!

Neither the US or the EU are homogenous markets but the differences within the EU are much more pronounced, or easier to document than in the US.

The plots represent data collected by @fly4dat twitter post including a spreadsheet with data on EU countries. I only replotted this data, so that you can with a glance visualize the decline or assent of the demand in a given country.

The data covers with some uncertainty the partial data in Q1 2020, otherwise, the rest is actual numbers.

The EU overall;

Model 3 EU almost all q1 2020

$TSLA moves from one market to another, once the V-S demand is gone and what left is the organic demand it pours its cars in the next target preserving the perception of at least constant demand.  Examples follow.

Model 3 Norway q1 2020

The Catastrophe – Norway


Model 3 Germany q1 2020

Nicht schlecht
Model 3 France q1 2020
France, not yet New Hope!
Model 3 Holand q1 2020
Is this the New Hope or the Last Kick in the Pants?
Model 3 UK q1 2020
Is this the New Hope dud?
$TSLA pursuits throng of the demand minnows in the EU, all mostly under 1000 cars/ month.  I left out some markets above that, but now $TSLA is picking pennies of a demand.
Just the same for the US market.
Model 3 US Q1 2020 ?
Nothing on Q1 2020 from $TSLA yet.  It seems that the Great $TSLA Demand Hoax will only be put to death but a thousand cuts, it will just bleed to death the Longs along with Elon, or Federal gov. will save for few quarters the “jobs” of $TSLA workers. These are just transfers from the investors, and anybody involved, to the buyers and workers. If you think otherwise you are a Marxist.

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