CTAD 2020 Delivered Goods List. $AVXL

List of delivered goods.

For the list of goods to be delivered see http://Goods to be delivered

  1. Goods delivered. The dosed cohorts beat the placebo with hands down. Analysis coming.
  2. Placebo “slower” than the dosed. Goods delivered.
  3. Dr Missling talking of other demantias to be soon tackled by Blarcamesine. Point Delivered.
  4. Not yet delivered. One out of five, not bad.
  5. Goods delivered. Analysis coming up.

From other signs in just a sweep of the presentation, FDA is being informed or rather has taken notice of Blarcamesine. I bet there is a rush to approve Blarcamesine within the timing constrains of the system. I am convinced of it as I looked at the timing of the Rett trials. I don’t want to set any dates for approval as these are always sooner than the bureaucracy of the process allows, but you have to live within this sysyem as it the law of the land.

Kudos to Dr Missling who plays the long game, never overextending the companies finances in order to provide one toss of dice approval, and then turn to toxic financing when the resources are low. Combining cohorts of different dosing is one just way to play this game as statistical significance is maintained with efficacy. My immediate takes is that in few years it will be Blarcamesine given as drug of first choice to Parkinson’s patients after early diagnosis by computerized mental testing.

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