Landenburg Thalmann Symposium.

This is one is going to be personal. I have missed the webinar but I have read some impressions and quotes from the webinar on iHub. What struck me was the use of the word “happier” or “happy’ in description of Rett Syndrom patients response to Blarcamesine. This ties with my own life experience.

At the age of 33-34 years (1994-1995) I began losing launguge, thought and the well being associated with being healthy physically and mentally. My launguge has lost the element of abstraction, it became reduced only to concrete aspects of life, my thought lost abstract quality and I became thoughtless. I lost abiility to interact with people as I could not access the depth to these interactions in real time. In my head I experienced numbing buzzing with sense of severe discomfort of just staying awake. The only respite from the torture was to go to sleep. The pleasures one experiences in life from socializing to the most basic ones have been gone. Loss of memory, loss of sense of time, and loss of emotions

Some 5 years ago I started experiencing gradual improvement. The most pronouced is the partial lifting of thoughtlessness and the discomfort borderline on mental torture. The rest of these are here to stay. Not unlike in a bad joke I am feeling like I am 20 someting again and whole life is in front of me. This is an illusion, but a welcom one at age 60.

From the description of Rett Syndrome symptoms I can generate the picture of the mental of torture they can live through but can not grasp it. I can though imagine the lifting of the torture the aflicted live through.

Thank you for reading this.

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