AAIC 2021 as Viewed Through My Prism of Expectations $SAVA $CRTX $ATHA $AVXL

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Monday 10:00 AM Eastern Time


  • Poster: “SavaDx, a Novel Plasma Biomarker to Detect Alzheimer’s Disease, Confirms Mechanism of Action of Simufilam”
  • Sounds like more of “curing Alzheimer’s with biomarker” or the best left for Thursday? Is there a change in narrative towards proteopathy? Proteopathy – Sickness of the protein making machinery. A bow in direction of those who are presenting at AAIC 2021, like $AVXL?


  • Poster: An update and baseline data from the Phase 2/3 GAIN trial of COR388 (atuzaginstat), a novel bacterial virulence factor inhibitor for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Of great interest to me, as I want to compare the data to $ANVS and $AVXL data.


  • Poster: Quantitative EEG as a translational measure for the assessment of ATH-1017 neurophysiological changes in mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease
  • I hope for some new data. It would be very interesting to review it vs. the information I have already compiled on ERP/EEG.


  • $CRTX: Symposium, Dinner 5:30-7:30 PM MT – Wining and Dinnning in search of investors/buyers


  • $ANVS:

On Wednesday, July 28, at 8 p.m. ET, Annovis Bio will host a panel presentation which will include new efficacy and biomarker data from an interim analysis of the Company’s ongoing Phase 2a trials. The data presented will include:

·        Neurotoxic protein levels

·        Marker of axonal damage 

·        Inflammatory markers

·        Efficacy


  • $SAVA:

On Thursday, July 29th, at approximately 11 am ET, simufilam will be featured in a live podium presentation at AAIC, including a brief Q&A session. This oral presentation will announce results of an interim analysis on safety and cognition for the first 50 patients with Alzheimer’s disease to complete 9 months of open-label treatment. Scientists for Cassava Sciences will also present biomarker data analyzed from cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collected from 25 study subjects at baseline and again after completing 6 months of open-label drug treatment, including:

  • Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease: amyloid beta42, total tau, P-tau181
  • Biomarkers of neurodegeneration: neurogranin, neurofilament light chain (NfL)
  • Biomarkers of neuroinflammation: YKL-40, sTREM2 and HMGB1

If there are any comparable competitors these are in pairs:

  • $AVXL and $CRTX: both soon presenting top data on phase 2b/3 or phase 3. $CRTX Q4 2021; $AVXL H2 2022 Lifting Heavy Weights
  • $ANVS and $SAVA: battle of the phase 2 results; who looks better? Beauty Contest

As there seems to be some proteomic overlap between narratives of $AVXL and $SAVA, $AVXL in general faces more competition from $CRTX on basis that $CRTX reports phase 3 data first and that etiologically it presents completely different narrative. Yet, the $AVXL’s wide range of possible elements of MOA does not preclude possible partial acceptance of $CRTX etiology of Alzheimer’s. $AVXL MOA improves or rights some of the same cellular mechanisms the virulence of P. gingivalis affects. The real quest is to find a medication keeping people cognitevely fit longer than it happens now. Currently, the average MMSE score at diagnosis is 18.2+/-6.6 points. If the diagnose can be made before scores drope to the lower edge of this range the possibility of rescuing the patients increases. Also, this means that a slow decline in the aged population needs to be stopped or slowed down. Since I am best acquainted with $AVXL record I see it possibly fulfiling this requirement. Nevertheless, I want to get as soon as possible anything hinting as prospective performance of $CRTX.

The market’s darling is $SAVA at this moment. It would have to present relatively better data than it had presented till now. Even if it doesn’t, it might soar on lackluster performance, as it is common with the “beauty contest” stocks. The real heavy lifting is between $AVXL and $CRTX.


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