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Thinking in Ponglish

Who am I?

I was born in communist (socialist) Poland.  Emigrated to United States.  Studied Mechanical Engineering.  I am fourth order thermodynamic monster (ref: Stanislaw Lem) collecting sundry piece of informationto to stumble onto connections between things, which drive people around me nuts.  So to relief my anxiety of creative fury, I intent to unload it onto you; The Dear Reader.

My Capabilities!

Since I suffer from disabilities making me sometimes forgetting what the beginning of the sentence was or having a day when I am contemplating, through actual experience,  what it is to be a vegetable, please, bear with me.  On rare occasions, I can produce a jewelled thought yet most of them are rather pedestrian and as I suspect I probably had read them before and due to my memory structure, which resembles swiss cheese – full of holes, I am not afraid to put them down on paper as mine (Antiqui Romani: Paper doesn’t blush).  I can be just so much an epigone as a creative person so forgive me and let us hark back to the times before Ancient Greeks who had invented the idea of authorship.  I can’t write literature so I stay with writing in cryptic style called ‘telegraph” as if  you have to pay for every letter, hence it is terse.

What is all about!

There is an image in a poem by Czesław Miłosz, in which, he, the onlooker is like a small mammal with a wet nose watching theater stage of the World.  My station in life might be similar yet my nose is neither wet or hard, or even soft.  Have you ever seen an animal like a cat following every move of yours, around feeding time?  Indeed, I am somewhat untoward as I feed my mind on fellow human beings with their foibles, delusions and illusions.  I might be exagerating but then let’s see……

I am long $AVXL and short $TSLA


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