Who I am?

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Thinking in Ponglish

Who am I?

I was born in communist (socialist) Poland.  Emigrated to United States.  Studied Mechanical Engineering.  I am fourth order thermodynamic monster (ref: Stanislaw Lem) collecting sundry piece of informationto to stumble onto connections between things, which seem to others not at all connected. That at least is my intelectual destiny that has been interupted by fact that I have been implanted with so called smart dust.  These miniscule induction receivers with brodcasting ability has spread into my body and brain( through infusion), has been mapped into my mental and physiological function in a way more powerful than those of Elon Musk chips.  That is the experience I live though for many it can be explained as a case of schizophrenia, by being so diagnosed I enjoy the benefits of disability.

I shall not be going here into details of my condition which I have been given hints shall end violently as it has no utility due my insignificant position i society other than some fuzzy metaphysical meaning of destruction of God’s gift of life.

Since I suffer from disabilities making me sometimes forgetting what the beginning of the sentence was or having a day when I am contemplating, through actual experience,  what it is to be a vegetable, please, bear with me.  On rare occasions, I can produce a jewelled thought yet most of them are rather pedestrian and as I suspect I probably had read them before and due to my memory structure, which resembles swiss cheese – full of holes, I am not afraid to put them down on paper as mine (Antiqui Romani: Paper doesn’t blush).  I can be just so much an epigone as a creative person so forgive me and let us hark back to the times before Ancient Greeks who had invented the idea of authorship.  I can’t write literature so I stay with writing in cryptic style called ‘telegraph” as if  you have to pay for every letter, hence it is terse.

As a person who spent his formative 18 years in socialist worker paradise (ever so failing) I developed keen sense of foreboding the consequences of Big Lie spread by the people in authority.  In the socialist countries people lived in reality where the state propaganda maintained that the population has been protected from the exploitation by the “capitalists”.  This clashed with the meager material culture of socialist countries vesus the West. The socialist paradise collapsed the society to the political elite and the masses of disenfranchised and controlled people. The elite as usually has been engaged in their games of power jockeying and the masses tried their luck in trying with their initiative the limits of what was possible within the confines of the system. So for example the local currency was always inflating, the remedy has been found in relaying on americam dollar as currency of saving and for retaining value.  But such thing was punishible by 5 years of prison. Nevertheless, even the elite did this and profited from the influx of dollars from citizen who worked in the West by shaking them down for their share.  In face of the shortage in goods, system or rather network  of barter of access to goods has been developed with black market prices.  People who had been at the nodes in this system of mutual distribution of goods did well.  So your purchasing power meant only half what it does to you today as the other half was the sheer fact of having access to the goods themselves through personal connection and trust.  No wonder than that I find Big Lie within the narrative of the powerfull as I find the Woke narrative of the Marxists as another ploy to power, because for the sake of even the miniscule minorities they can “protect” us from the depravation so many “isms” by just giving them the power to rule over us.  First comes the enthusiams of the promise, then the terror when the political visoin does not alignes with the realities of human nature and society, then terror exhausts as it even touches the elite and settling into prolonged decline follows when the elite won its battle to run the society on purely political grounds without any recourse to economics as was the case with socialism in Eastern Europe.  Soviet Russian did not colapsed due to increased military spending race with the US, it did due to its economy being run by politically based decision made by technocratic elite.  The woke narrative brings this to the US by claiming that it will protect the minorities but the result will be only growing hatred to these minorities in the heart of the greater population.  Inevitably, the system will colapse due to its political vs, economical emphasis in decision making and society will seek retribution.  In Eastern Europe this was mitigated by the promise  that capitalism would make all of us richer than in the socialist past and indeed the capital rushed in from the West to help those countries obliterating the need for long and arduous accumulation of it within the confines of countires that had eaten their proverbial seed corn (capital). If the Woke narraive would win the West I don’t see the influx of capital from any place on the globe because even China prints money like crazy and it has joined the Western Club, well, unless it can monetize it 20,000 tons of gold. But this is a completely different story……..

There is an image in a poem by Czesław Miłosz, in which, he, the onlooker is like a small mammal with a wet nose watching theater stage of the World.  My station in life might be similar yet my nose is neither wet or hard, or even soft.  Have you ever seen an animal like a cat following every move of yours, around feeding time?  Indeed, I am somewhat untoward as I feed my mind on fellow human beings with their foibles, delusions and illusions.  I might be exagerating but then let’s see……

I am long $AVXL and short $TSLA (disastrously though)

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